Europe from the beginning
"How do early education programs and preschools actually operate in Lithuania or Denmark?

How can I share ideas with Early Childhood Education professionals in other countries?

How can aspects of Europe, e.g. diversity and multilingualism, be applied to kindergarten?"

How can my organisation find a partner kindergarten in another EU country to collaborate on joint projects with?"
The goal of the European project "eva- Europa von Anfang an" (Europe from the beginning), is to work with professionals in Early Childhood Education to We are working together with a network of professionals in Early Childhood Education in five European countries in order to achieve these goals.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about "Early Childhood Education in Europe".

The project EVA is coordinated by the Europahaus Aurich / Department of Early Childhood Education in Europe

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Ulrike Seinen-Schatz

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26603 Aurich Germany
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